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Day 3: Bill

12th June 2002

Day 3: Bill—Mark Pilgrim’s “30 days to a more accessible weblog” series continues with the story of Bill, a retired military officer with a physical disability who surfs the web on an old Linux laptop and runs a mailing list on Veteran’s rights. The piece also clarifies that the characters profiled are fictional (call me naive but I wasn’t sure if they were based on real people or not). I can’t wait to see where Mark is going with this—3 days in and he has already built up some beautifully observed case studies and it will be fascinating to see what he does with them. I’m also intrigued as to how he can make his blog any more accessible—his current accessibility statement demonstrates a far higher level of understanding than any other site I’ve yet seen on the web.

This is Day 3: Bill by Simon Willison, posted on 12th June 2002.

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