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Here comes another meme

26th July 2002

Via Kottke: True Porn Clerk Stories, a hilarious, touching and insightful journal of the trials and tribulations of a female Porn video store clerk in Chicago. This is some of the best and most original writing I’ve seen on the web in a long time. It is also quickly turning in to something of a meme. When you’ve finished reading the journal, be sure to have a look around the rest of the site it is hosted on—the community there is undergoing something of a trial by fire, with over 180,000 reads of the Porn Clerk journal resulting in massively increased traffic and a flood of new members that threatens the stability of the existing community. They have even had to open a PayPal scheme to help cover the dramatic increases in bandwidth ($15/month is now up to $25/day).

This is Here comes another meme by Simon Willison, posted on 26th July 2002.

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