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Crowd 1.1.0 Release Notes. Atlassian software are now offering a commercial OpenID provider, with the ability to hook in to an existing LDAP directory and some smart whitelist / blacklist options. # 21st June 2007, 8:29 am

Six cool things you can build with OpenID

I’ve posted the slides from my Future of Web Apps talk on OpenID, minus the demo videos. I’m planning to put together a video that combines the slides, demos and audio once the official podcasts have been published.

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Group Membership Protocol. Martin Atkins’ proposal for a simple “is OpenID X a member of group Y?” protocol, useful for whitelists that can scale to handle large numbers of entries. # 22nd January 2007, 8:27 am

Social whitelisting with OpenID

A key feature of OpenID is that it provides a globally unique identifier for every user, no matter what site or service they are using on the Web.

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