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What are the ways to  Convert Dynamic JSP pages to a Static HTML to Appear in Google search results?

You don’t have to do anything. You’re misunderstanding how dynamic server-side languages like JSP work.

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What is the optimal description length in the Apple App Store?

Have you ever come across one if those ugly, long pages advertising an ebook—the ones that bang on for dozens of paragraphs with bullet points, pictures, testimonials, headings, more testimonials, more bullet points and so on?

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Why does Google use “Allow” in robots.txt, when the standard seems to be “Disallow?”

The Disallow command prevents search engines from crawling your site.

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Why is Google indexing & displaying www1 versions of my site and how might I stop this?

You should stop serving your site to the public on multiple subdomains. Configure your site to serve a 301 permanent redirect from www1-www4 to the equivalent page on www—also, make sure that your site accessed without the www redirects to the right place as well.

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What are the best SEO conferences around Cincinnati?

It doesn’t look like there are many (any?) SEO events in Cincinnati, but Chicago has has SES in November 2012:

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