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How do startups verify the real names of their users?

The short answer is they don’t: they expect people to obey the policy, then block accounts that are clearly in violation.

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What are the coolest benefits/perks offered by startups?

I heard that Songkick give all of their employees a monthly gig budget to encourage them to go to live music (since that’s what the site is all about), which I think is a neat and appropriate perk.

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Are there any large tech conferences/events in Australia?

Web Directions South is a big Australian web event—you’ve just missed it though, it was a couple of weeks ago: ( on Lanyrd). It’s along the lines you describe, although tends to be more developer-focused than business-focused.

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Does Y Combinator ever fund British startups?

Yes. Our startup went through Y Combinator Winter 2011 (Jan to March this year) and we’re a pair of UK co-founders. We’re back in London now.

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What are the best conferences about startup in 2011 (2nd semester) ?

We have a list of upcoming startup events here: ( lists just the ones in the USA)

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What are the top events for Internet startups in 2011?

We have a bunch of startup / entrepreneurship events listed on Lanyrd—try these pages:

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What are good websites to post online content about an event?

For posting slides from an event, is definitely the most popular. is a good choice too.

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Which Bay Area startups are going to SXSW 2011? will be there—both myself and Nat.

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What is it like going through the Y Combinator program?

This essay is pretty comprehensive—it’s what convinced us to apply to YC, and our experience so far has been true to what it describes:

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What are the most recent Y Combinator startup companies as of 2011?

We (Lanyrd) are a YC startup! We’ve just announced our participation:

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What is a good business model for open source projects?


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What is the best way to find about the upcoming startup events in India?

There are quite a few events of interest to entrepreneurs showing up on Lanyrd:—you can also subscribe to our Atom feed for that page to hear about future events.

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What do people think of Tim Ferriss?

I didn’t make it to the end of the 4-Hour Work Week because I was uncomfortable with the morality of it (the Tae Kwon Do stuff, for example). If everyone behaved like that, society wouldn’t function.

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