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Why is the Zen of Python obfuscated in the “this” module?

I imagine the reason is very simple: Because it’s fun!

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Do Python programmers have a tendency to write their own software instead of contributing? Why?

I think you’ll find that PROGRAMMERS have a tendency to develop their own thing rather than contributing to an existing project. It’s even got its own TLA: NIH (Not Invented Here).

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Companies like Wipro (Indian company), Infosys (company), Capgemini uses Java, .Net for developing web and desktop application. But I haven’t seen any consulting company of their size using Python.  Is there any python consulting company of size 1000...

ThoughtWorks do a lot of projects in Ruby and some in Python. Their website says they now have 1700 people.

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Are there any good Django video tutorials?

ShowMeDo has 55 video screencasts covering all sorts of aspects of Django development:

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Is it true that Ruby is more deployment friendly than Python?

He’s incorrect (or at least out of date). Most professional python programmers that I know of use virtualenv, which makes it easy for deployed Python code to live in its own environment with its own set of modules installed separately from the core system packages.

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Is Django on its way out?

Not as far as I can tell—but then like many (most?) other Django users I’m too busy using it to build things to worry too much about whether or not it’s fashionable.

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Is there a framework that allows me to collect input from individual users, and then charge for the aggregate and analysis of that data?

No—your needs are extremely specific. You’re going to have to build this yourself.

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