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Pingback redux

I think I’ve worked out a way of implementing Pingback (or a Pingback-like system) without any need for XML-RPC, <link> elements or custom HTTP headers.

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More Vellum

Vellum 1.0a4 is out, and features comment support via a new Comments plugin and an Audience generic object type that abstracts the concept of “responses to your post” and is also used for Pingback support. Different response types within the same interface is a very neat idea, as Sam Ruby has demonstrated with his integrated comments, referral tracking, Pingbacks and TrackBacks. Stuart also suggests auto-discovery of You-Know-Me information from the URL of your weblog, presumably by another link element. This is a great idea, but I have reservations about the performance trade off as unauthenticated comment systems will have to retrieve the poster’s home page in the background every time they make a post.

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A global conversation

Dave Winer on TrackBacks and push backs (and presumably PingBack as well):

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Stuart’s pingback roundup

Stuart has a good summary of the recent advances being made in the Pingback/Trackback implementation sphere.

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Merging comments and pingbacks


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