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What interesting meetings will be held in March and/or April in Silicon Valley on topics relating to technology startups?

Try browsing through the list on—or use our search feature.

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Is there any quantified proof that .NET or others Microsoft technologies are not good for web startups?

How can you “prove” such a thing? You can disprove the statement that “.NET is no good for web startups” by pointing to examples such as Stack Overflow.

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Did Apple always plan the (native) App Store, or was it released in response to developer demand?

Personally I’ve always assumed that native apps / the App Store was planned from the start, and the “build apps with HTML” thing Steve Jobs originally promoted was intended as a stop-gap measure (and also to mislead the competition). It’s hard for me to believe that a multi-billion dollar marketplace was accidentally created because developers demanded the ability to create native apps. Also, the quality of the APIs discovered by people who jail broke the iPhone suggests to me that a public API was planned from the start.

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Where can I find a calendar of upcoming tech events in the San Francisco / Bay area?

Take a look at

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Where is a good list of social media events in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2011?

Take a look at

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Why did Google Wave fail to get significant user adoption?

When Wave first launched, individual Waves didn’t have a URL. This made it impossible to link to them from outside of Wave—people were having to say “log in to Wave, then search for X”. If you can’t link to something on the internet, it may as well not exist.

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What are some other conferences that showcase cool ideas, like TED or the Renaissance Weekend? is quite TED-like—especially good for science topics.

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What are the main things a non-technical co-founder of a tech company should focus on while the site is still being developed?

Building the right product.

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Is it a good idea to allocate URLs such as to users?

There’s an interesting discussion about this issue on this question: How do sites prevent vanity URLs from colliding with future features ?

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What are good games to get someone who likes Settlers of Catan? is THE place to go for information on good board games. I’d suggest taking a look at Ticket to Ride.

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What is the largest production deployment of Redis?

I’d guess Twitter or Craigslist.

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What are some popular movies that are no longer plausible due to the ubiquity of cell phones & the internet?

“No Signal”

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What is the best license for a web framework (ex: Cake, Rails, Django): GPL, BSD, MIT, other? Why?

Not the GPL. The share-alike viral clause will prevent anyone from creating closed source proprietary projects on top of the framework.

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What are the best alternatives to JavaScript when writing web applications?

CoffeeScript is rather nice—it compiles to non-obfuscated JavaScript.

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JustinTV+> Fenerbahçe Antalyaspor Maçını Canlı izle

I believe they use a lot of Twisted Python

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If I’m bootstrapping a company and expect to get funding within months, what structure of company do VC’s look for?  C Corp, S Corp, LLC?

Apparently a Delaware C Corp makes everything a whole lot easier once VCs are involved.

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Simon Willison: Would you consider Django for a crowd ’funding; website?

I don’t understand the question.

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How long would it take an average programmer to do a Ruby on Rails Reddit clone prototype?

Just FYI, Reddit is an open source Python project:

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What are some of the best quotations on programming/programming languages?

“There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things”—Phil Karlton

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What are some tips for moderating a panel?

It’s a very hard thing to do well.

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How should you set up a staging server?

Start by reading this:

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What are the best NoSQL databases for a web application?

It depends entirely on what you are building. You may well be better off with SQL.

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What are the underlying, unspoken values of TED?

Not unspoken, but the ten commandments they send out to their speakers are pretty interesting:

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Why do browsers allow cross-domain JavaScript to execute but not XMLHttpRequests?

It’s called the Same Origin Policy, and it’s principally about intranets. Imagine you have a URL http://intranet.corp/top-secret-...—and you then visit . If cross domain XHR was allowed the evil site could suck that secret document off your intranet without you realising.

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What are some scalable OAuth and OpenID server implementations?

Any OAuth library should scale horizontally—I can’t see how any one library would be a better choice than another.

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How do you correctly send the oauth_verifier parameter using python-oauth2 and the Twitter API?

This seems relevant:

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What are some ways I can get the word out about my startup/entrepreneur focused conference?

Add it to and make sure you list all of the speakers. Then anyone who signs in to Lanyrd and is following at least one of your speakers on Twitter will be told about your event.

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Are there any well-known websites that use Facebook connect or Twitter OAuth as the only sign-in solution without its own sign-in password?

Our site only accepts Twitter OAuth logins (at least for the moment).

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What are the most recommended upcoming  mobile tech conferences in North America?

Our site,, is relatively new but already has a pretty good list of mobile conferences in the USA. Try this page:

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Cassandra vs Redis?

I see Redis as a different category from the other three—kind of like you wouldn’t say “what are the advantages of MySQL v.s. Memcached”. Redis makes an excellent complement to pretty much any other persistent storage mechanism. I expanded on this here:

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