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What’s the best way to reach out to alumni if you’re interested in working at their company?

Yes, it’s fine. Many tech companies have a referral bonus for employees that help them make a good hire, and any alumni you contact will be able to forward your details straight on to the recruiting department.

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Is there anyway to game unique link verifications?  Like when you get sent a link of the form https:/ How would one change the digits to reproduce another working link?

Not if they’ve been implemented correctly.

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What company or service sends the most beautifuly designed emails?

Litmus (who provide an excellent email testing tool) send out the most attractive newsletter in my inbox.

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What email marketing tool does Goop, InsideHook and other popular newsletters use?

You might be able to tell by viewing the full email headers on one of the emails they have sent you.

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Where can I find a text corpus of English language personal email on the web?

The Enron email corpus is pretty useful, though I don’t know how “normal” you would consider it.

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