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What are the best event sites/listings for London? is a fantastic events listing site for unconventional arty/cultural events—lots of interesting guest lectures, open houses, guided walks etc.

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What are some good ways to promote a “networking event” on the internet ?

Add your event to and encourage your attendees to mark themselves as attending. That way, anyone who follows them on Twitter and uses Lanyrd will hear about the event, either directly on the site or via email if they’ve signed up for our email alerts.

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What are the top events for Internet startups in 2011?

We have a bunch of startup / entrepreneurship events listed on Lanyrd—try these pages:

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What are good websites to post online content about an event?

For posting slides from an event, is definitely the most popular. is a good choice too.

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What are the best bachelor party ideas (other than strip clubs)?

My bachelor party (we call it a stag night over here) ended in a Karaoke club—one of the ones with private booths. It was awesome.

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