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What are the most popular conferences and events for digital publishers to attend?

The O’Reilly TOC (Tools of Change for Publishers) events look very good (I haven’t been myself)—they publish a lot of video so you can watch some talks to decide if it looks like the right event for you to attend:

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Is Portland, OR a good location for a major content strategy conference?

I can’t comment on the relevance to Content Strategy, but having been to both OSCON and DjangoCon in Portland a few times I think it’s an absolutely superb city for hosting a conference.

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What Social Media, marketing events or conferences are taking place between December 24 and December 31 in New York City?

The #140conf holiday party is on the 27th of December and is likely to attract a bunch of social media / marketing / entrepreneur types:

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What are good 2012 Technology Conferences in US for Programmers?

It would help if you were more specific about the kind of programmer you are—there’s a big difference between C++ game developer conferences, Ruby on Rails events, Agile methodology conventions etc. Each developer ecosystem has its own flagship events (for Microsoft developers it’s the BUILD conference, which hasn’t been announced for 2012 yet—for iPhone/Mac developers it’s Apple’s WWDC, Oracle have Oracle OpenWorld, the Rails community has RailsConf, for Django people it’s DjangoCon US and EU, etc).

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Are there any large tech conferences/events in Australia?

Web Directions South is a big Australian web event—you’ve just missed it though, it was a couple of weeks ago: ( on Lanyrd). It’s along the lines you describe, although tends to be more developer-focused than business-focused.

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Why can’t we sell tickets for Get Together, our debut conference in London this year?

I just tried finding your event using both Google and Twitter’s search and I couldn’t find any information an it. I suggest setting up a Twitter account for the event and trying to increase your Google visibility a bit.

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What are some good ways to search for an event?

Our site, aims to solve this problem. We have over 13,000 conferences and other professional events listed (including seminars, meetups etc)—you can search them, but you can also sign in using your Twitter account to see which events your contacts are speaking at or attending.

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What Social Media events or conferences are taking place in November 2011 in San Francisco or New York?

There don’t seem to be many “social media” events happening in November—September and October are peak season.

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Where is the best place to find a ticket to (the now sold-out) Strange Loop 2011?

Many conference organisers maintain a waiting list of people who want a ticket—it’s worth contacting the organiser and asking if he has a waiting list you can be put on.

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What are the best big data conferences?

O’Reilly’s Strata is excellent—I went to their first event in February in Santa Clara, and they’re running another one in New York on 22nd-23rd September:

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What are some technology events to attend in San Francisco Bay Area in Fall 2011?

From browsing through our list here: here are the ones that stand out:

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What are the steps that you perform and the tools that you use before, during and after an event/conference?

PPK just published an amazingly comprehensive free guide to running a conference, which includes a chapter on what to do during the event:

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What technical conferences or get togethers take place in London during the summer?

July and August are the quiet season for conferences (since many people are on holiday during those months—the larger events tend to stick to March to June or September to November).

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What is the largest event organizers group on linkedin?

I think the largest group is—“Event Planning & Event Management”—it has over 35,000 members.

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What tech conferences are upcoming in San Francisco?

We have a pretty good list here:

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What are some site/app options for event recommendation/discovery?

Our site recommends events (conferences, meetups, expos, guest lectures etc) based on who you follow on Twitter. In my opinion it works extremely well in suggesting events that would be a good fit for you.

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What are the best conferences about startup in 2011 (2nd semester) ?

We have a list of upcoming startup events here: ( lists just the ones in the USA)

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Are any major tech conferences held in San Francisco in August or early September?

Dreamforce (the Salesforce/Cloud computing conference) is pretty huge—30th August to 2nd September:

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What are some other conferences similar to Velocity?

Surge (28-30 Sept 2011 in Brooklyn) has a very good reputation:

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Does Google (company) have their own Audio Visual department for their large conferences, or do they contract another company?

I believe it’s their own in-house team—when we ran the first DjangoCon at Google’s Mountain View HQ a few years ago I understood that the video team were their own (the same team that records their internal Google Tech Talks). It might be an external company that they contract in, but it felt like they were permanent staff.

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When and where was the first An Event Apart held?

We have a list of all 29 An Event Apart conferences here:

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What are the main conferences taking place in the US dedicated to Open Source?

We have a list here:

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Where can I get a calendar of upcoming tech conferences in South Africa?

Try our list here:

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What are some good user interface/user experience workshops/conferences coming up this March(p.s. distance isn’t a factor, I’m willingly to travel)?

We have a list on—the best option in March looks to be Adaptive Path’s MX conference: /

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Where can I find a good list of conferences that take will place Boston in early April 2011? lists a few events coming up in early April.

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What are the top five food blogger conferences to attend?

I can’t give you a top five, but you might find this list of 10 upcoming food blogger conferences useful:

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Who is attending Webstock 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand?

We have a list of 46 Twitter users who are attending Webstock 2011 here:

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What are the must visit web conferences in the UK for 2011?

We’ve pretty much hit critical mass in the UK web scene with Lanyrd now, so there are very few notable UK web conferences in 2011 that aren’t listed. Here are some useful starting points:

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What are the best design conferences or meetups in Switzerland?

I haven’t been myself, but Lift has an excellent reputation:

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What are some of the wackiest panel discussion formats?

There’s a format called a fish bowl which is pretty fascinating:

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