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What online, startup and mobile related events will take place in Romania in 2011?

The Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit is a big mobile event in Bucharest on 26-28 September: and

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What Social Media events or conferences are taking place in November 2011 in San Francisco or New York?

There don’t seem to be many “social media” events happening in November—September and October are peak season.

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There is plenty of evidence in the ecosystem to support the hypothesis that, if given the tools to do so easily, object-oriented programmers are ready to embrace functional techniques (such as immutability) and work them into an object-oriented view of the world, and will write better, less error-prone code as a result. Simply put, we believe the best thing we can do for Java developers is to give them a gentle push towards a more functional style of programming.

Brian Goetz # 19th August 2011, 12:20 pm

Where is the best place to find a ticket to (the now sold-out) Strange Loop 2011?

Many conference organisers maintain a waiting list of people who want a ticket—it’s worth contacting the organiser and asking if he has a waiting list you can be put on.

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