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Events (leisure): What are the best places in San Francisco for organizing a small meetup?

If it’s a technical event, there are dozens of tech companies with excellent facilities who might be convinced to host the event for free.

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What are the most exciting sporting events in the world?

That’s easy... The Mongolian Golden Eagle Hunting Festival, held every October.

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Which digital events should I attend in the UK in 2012 and 2013?

If you’re building something for parents it might be worth heading to a few conferences in the US—there is a HUGE mommy/daddy/parent-blogger conference scene there which doesn’t have an equivalent in Europe as far as I’ve seen.

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Which tools exist for learning about the people attending a particular meetup / conference, in advance?

This is one of the most popular aspects of our service, Lanyrd—we offer an attendee directory for each event showing everyone we know who is speaking or has told us that they plan to attend the event. Here are a few examples:

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Events (leisure): I want to find out if there are any Hildegard von Bingen recitations coming up in San Francisco. Which website should I go to?

It sounds like you need Songkick—it lets you “track” your favourite musical artists and will then email you when they’re playing in your town. I believe it has the most comprehensive gigs listing database anywhere. Here’s their page for Hildegard von Bingen (sadly no upcoming gigs listed at the moment):

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Why should I care about the Olympics?

The sponsors, money and so on make it easy to forget the key thing: many of the athletes competing are still teenagers who have spent most of their lives preparing for this one event. That’s pretty amazing.

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What online, startup and mobile related events will take place in Romania in 2011?

The Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit is a big mobile event in Bucharest on 26-28 September: and

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What Social Media events or conferences are taking place in November 2011 in San Francisco or New York?

There don’t seem to be many “social media” events happening in November—September and October are peak season.

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Prototype 1.6.0 release candidate. Prototype gets a long-needed update to its Event API, and some interesting new Function.prototype extensions. # 16th August 2007, 8:49 am

Cabochon event server. Written in Python (on top of SQLObject and Paste), uses JSON for messages, allows event consumers to subscribe with a callback URL. # 2nd August 2007, 8:36 am