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What is a good list of conferences, speaking gigs, hackathons, and other technology-centric events where one can reach software architects and developers?

We have a pretty comprehensive list of (mostly tech) conferences in the Midwest USA here:

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Is it a good idea to wear your startup shirt in a tech conference?

If you are there to talk to people about your startup then sure, why not? Even better if your shirt says “ask me about X”—it’s cheesy but it works.

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What honorarium is befitting for a guest speaker apart from money?

Here are a few ways you can treat your speakers really well.

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What are good ways to make a conference for which people are willing to pay?

First, find the right topic, location and date. There’s not much point in running a three day Big Data conference in San Francisco on the same days as O’Reilly’s Strata conference down in San Jose!

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How do I keep service providers and consultants out of my meetup or conference?

If it’s that important to you, make the conference apply-to-attend and get people to submit linkedin / github profiles or whatever to demonstrate that they are a founder/builder. Then only send invitations to the people you are sure aren’t service providers or consultants.

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I was wondering if anyone can recommend any organizations/conferences or seminars that provide sessions on Writing for the Web?

The term “Content Strategy” has emerged over the past few years to encompass quality web writing as well as a host of other related topics. It sounds to me like you would benefit from one of the increasing number of content strategy conferences. We have a list of upcoming content strategy events on our site, Lanyrd:

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What Social Media events or conferences are taking place in November 2011 in San Francisco or New York?

There don’t seem to be many “social media” events happening in November—September and October are peak season.

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Where is the best place to find a ticket to (the now sold-out) Strange Loop 2011?

Many conference organisers maintain a waiting list of people who want a ticket—it’s worth contacting the organiser and asking if he has a waiting list you can be put on.

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Lanyrd—the social conference directory. Nat and my new project, launched today and doing pretty well despite some early server hiccups. Sign in with Twitter to see conferences that your friends are speaking at, attending or tracking, then add your own events. We’re particularly keen on helping people build up a detailed profile of their previous talks, so adding older conferences is encouraged. # 31st August 2010, 7:41 pm