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Drag and drop with Javascript. Two alternative libraries discussed in my latest SitePoint blog entry. # 31st March 2004, 9:04 am

PHP and Apache 2.0

For as long as Apache 2 has been stable, the PHP manual has carried this strongly worded warning:

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How E-Voting Threatens Democracy. This needs to be the biggest story of the year. # 31st March 2004, 1:51 am

Most frightening ATM ever (via) Thankfully it didn’t drive off with my card mid-transfer. # 31st March 2004, 12:57 am

Barbelith (via) Freakin’ gorgeous design, decidedly old school markup. # 30th March 2004, 10:07 am

Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail. WTF!? It’s not even April 1st yet. # 30th March 2004, 8:05 am

Dogging Craze Has Brits in Heat. I leave the country for four months and it turns in to one big orgy. # 30th March 2004, 8:04 am

Ian Lloyd’s SXSW photos (via) Cue music from Reservoir Dogs. # 30th March 2004, 5:59 am

James Carville. I saw him today in a local restaurant. # 29th March 2004, 8:07 pm

Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard? (via) Entertaining rant about complexity in APIs. # 29th March 2004, 5:49 pm

PHP 4.3.5. Lots and lots of bug fixes. # 29th March 2004, 5:45 pm

Phishing attacks hook more and more victims. “...between 1 percent and 5 percent of recipients responded to recent attacks...”—like shooting phish in a barrel. # 29th March 2004, 5:35 pm

Revised image replacement (via) Dave Shea collates all of the image replacement techniques in one spot. # 29th March 2004, 5:27 pm

Vow of Silence. Inspirational. # 29th March 2004, 9:13 am

Desktop Manager for OS X (via) Virtual desktops for Panther. # 29th March 2004, 6:08 am

Memories Of An Internet Less Cluttered With Crap (via) “Every Blogspot site has had my nuts on it.” # 29th March 2004, 5:56 am

Macworld: Panther Secrets Declassified (via) A whole bunch of useful Panther tricks. # 28th March 2004, 10 pm

Me as a Ninja. I guess I must have made a good impression :) # 28th March 2004, 6:38 am

Contact Information ( This made me smile. # 27th March 2004, 10:26 pm

Omit needless words, codified

I continue to try to improve my writing. “Omit needless words” is all well and good, but identifying needless words can be a difficult task for the untrained eye. Paul Ford’s Passivator bookmarklet highlights adverbs and passive verbs, both of which can indicate weak writing.

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“It’s All Bad News” (via) The situation in Iraq, from a freelance reporter living there since April 2003. # 27th March 2004, 9:27 pm

HTTP 101. What everyone should know about HTTP. # 27th March 2004, 1:23 am

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic (via) On of those problems you really want to be able to ignore. # 27th March 2004, 1:22 am

How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary (via) Debugging and social skills in the same document. # 27th March 2004, 1:21 am

It’s only going to get worse

This analysis of the spread of the witty worm is fascinating for a whole bunch of different reasons.

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Turning the Tide. Noam Chomsky has a blog! # 26th March 2004, 5:02 am

Conferences with Macs

Three reasons Macs make excellent companions to geek-centric conferences:

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TrailBlazer (via) Finally a browser that does something innovative with the history feature. # 26th March 2004, 2:04 am

Panther, Python, and CoreGraphics (via) I didn’t realise Apple shipped special custom Python modules with OS X. # 26th March 2004, 1:57 am

This site uses “Fly-out” menus to increase usability. (via) The irony of this statement appearing on the “how to use our navigation” page is delicious. # 26th March 2004, 1:49 am