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Patching Windows XP from burned CDs?

antifuse: that’s perfect, thanks. Unfortunately slipstreaming isn’t really an option—or at least I’d rather avoid it (I’d have to take her laptop home with me and return it another time).

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What are some good software development/open source blogs? is an endlessly entertaining guide to how not to develop software.

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Yahoo! UI JavaScript treats

The Yahoo! Developer Network was updated yesterday with a veritable gold-mine of Exciting New Stuff, coinciding with the launch of the brand new Yahoo! User Interface Blog.

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Notes from the summit

I’m at the Carson Workshops Future of Web Apps Summit today. It’s been a great set of talks, and some frantic SubEthaEdit action to capture the salient points. Here are the notes I’ve gathered over the course of the day (with help from various contributors; credits at the bottom of each file).

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