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Six cool things you can build with OpenID

I’ve posted the slides from my Future of Web Apps talk on OpenID, minus the demo videos. I’m planning to put together a video that combines the slides, demos and audio once the official podcasts have been published.

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OpenID at the Future of Web Apps

People seemed to really like my talk—they even laughed in the right places! I’ll be posting full notes, slides and writing an article for Vitamin over the next few days. For the moment I’m just enjoying coming down from the adrenaline high.

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Speaking at the Future of Web Apps

Just a quick update to say that I’ll be speaking at the Future of Web Apps conference in London on February the 21st, talking about OpenID. I really enjoyed last year’s event and feel honored to be included in such an exciting schedule.

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Notes from the summit

I’m at the Carson Workshops Future of Web Apps Summit today. It’s been a great set of talks, and some frantic SubEthaEdit action to capture the salient points. Here are the notes I’ve gathered over the course of the day (with help from various contributors; credits at the bottom of each file).

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